SFOA online newsletters

Between December 2014 and June 2015 the Swiss Derivatives Review (SDR) was published online as an official publication of the Swiss Futures and Options Association and was distributed free to members and friends of SFOA. The SDR used to be printed three times a year (see the magazine archive) and was then issued monthly in electronic format. The publication reached 20,000 influential readers in Switzerland and abroad. The objective of the SDR was to update on SFOA’s activities as well as to provide news and information on the derivatives industry, exchanges and key market players. The SDR also featured high calibre editorials with regular contributions on professional issues written by recognised experts. The online pdf broadcasts in this format were ceased in June 2015 to be replaced by regular email broadcasts.

Feel free to download the online PDF format SDR newsletters from our archive. See below.

SDR 61: June 2015

Cover-58In this edition we looks at apples, oranges and juice markets; we pose questions to EEX; and announce the arrival of GMEX as a new member. Steve Hanke’s ‘Letter from America’ places Venezuela under the microscope

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SDR 60: May 2015

Cover-58In the 60th SDR newsletter we cover an interview with Norman Hay (ex-CEO Cargill International): can firms be “too big to fail”?; there’s a piece on oil hedging from Simon Jacques, the ‘Trade Finance Shipping Wizard’; and we review the struggling Greek economy.

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SDR 59: April 2015

Cover-58We look at the world trade of secondary commodities; discuss bringing competition to the value chain with Abfallboerse; why volatility indexes are relevant; how the monetary approach reigns supreme; and launch this year’s Bürgenstock Meeting.

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SDR 58: March 2015

Cover-58March is here and European stockmarkets are rallying as the ECB’s quantitative easing programme gets under way. It’s good news that there is enough of a consensus in Europe on policy and there does seem to be some signs of economic recovery on the continent. Is it all just serendipity?

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SDR 57: February 2015

At this time of the year, we English often say, ‘beware the ides of March’ as usually, after the euphoria surrounding the incoming of a new year and the sense of renewal that we experience, we often tend to come down to earth with the bump as the months follow.

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SDR 56: January 2015

More than a quarter of a century ago, in 1988, the UK pound  was worth three Deutschmarks and there were a number of leading British politicians very worried about the rise of sterling and how to arrest it.The UK governments attempts to suppress the value of the currency failed with some severe economic consequences. Ring any bells?

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SDR 55: December 2014

I am delighted to write to you for the first time as Executive Director of the Swiss Futures & Options Association. I took over in late summer at the Association’s last AGM and would like to lay out some of the plans we have for SFOA in the coming months!

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